Power Nutrient Drink

We have started juicing to help get some nutrients in our bodies we felt we have been lacking and WOW!  We have increased our energy, fiber and vegetable intake along with enjoying some great variations of interesting vegetable juices and fruit smoothies.  We found the fruit smoothies contained a lot of sugar (even though it’s natural.)  We also found that some of the vegetable variation just didn’t taste like something we could enjoy as a permanent part of our diet, which was our goal.  This recipe was the hands down winner after many and many attempts at finding the perfect combination.  It’s sort of a smoothie, in that it has a frozen link of milk shake consistency and certainly tastes like a blueberry milkshake!  But more importantly, it also contains a lot of powerful vegetables that we have found has been making is feel better, perform better and look better!  That’s pretty good for a little extra work and throwing away all those vitamins we thought we needed before starting these drinks.  We have one for breakfast and enhance our dinner with another.  In total, it’s about a two 12 ounce glasses.  Even one smaller glass a day, and I am sure you will also notice a difference!  Try It!


We buy our vegetables organic (when possible)  Take them home and make sure you clean them thoroughly as you are not cooking anything here!  I have used commercial strength hydrogen peroxide (35  percent) and also the vegetable washes available in your local grocery stores. Once they have soaked in your solution, wash them well and store them in your fridge for easy access to your juicer. Because this is a smoothie, as well, you will also need a blender.  I line the portion of the juicer that spits out what is left of the veggies after it has extracted the juice for easy clean up.  We will cover what to do with those later.


Soak and rinse all your vegetables for the next few days.




Ready to start juicing some goodness!

Our Power Nutrient Smoothie/Veggie Drink

1 cucumber
3 bunches of kale
3 cups of fresh spinach
6 or 7 carrots
1 bunch of mint leaves
1 green apple
3 or 4 stalks of celery
2 cups of frozen blueberries

Juice all your vegetables, starting with the softer ones, like kale and spinach.  Follow with cucumber and celery and carrots (we find you get more juice out of it that way)
When the juicing is done, place the frozen blueberries in the blender and break them up somewhat.  Add the juice from the juicer and blend until smooth.  Enjoy!


You will be left with a bag of what is left of your juiced vegetables.  You can use these for your compost pile, or to add fiber to such things as soups and meats…just remember….their juice is gone and don’t count of them to provide a lot of flavor!